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    On the lookout for rug cleaning in Bromley and the surrounding areas?  You’ve found the best local carpet and rug cleaners in the area. Whether you need an oriental rug cleaning or are looking to get your woolen rug cleaner than before then a rug cleaning specialist is required. As an independent company, friendly local company,  I am absolutely committed to getting your carpets and rugs clean and providing an excellent level of customer service which you’ll want to tell your friends about!

    You can be confident that I have the skills that a professional carpet cleaning company should have.

    I guarantee that your rugs will;

    • Look better – brighter and with the pile lifted as far back to its original position as wear and carpet type will allow
    • Feel better – the conditioning parts of the product will soften the fibres and give more “bounce”
    • Smell better – carpet cleaning will remove bacteria from your carpet and that’s what causes odours
    • Last longer – regular cleaning will have a big influence on the useful lifetime of a carpet as soil rubs on fibres and wears them down over time

    I also guarantee;

    • Quick drying times (machine is so powerful it leaves the carpets as dry as it can whilst still using the best method according all the major manufacturers – hot water extraction)
    • No rapid re-soiling (caused by inadequate cleaning techniques often coupled with machines which aren’t powerful enough and bad / non-existent training)
    • No shrinkage, colour bleed or other rug nightmares (all rugs are tested prior to cleaning)
    • All dirty water is taken away in our tanks for disposal off site
    • All carried out in a friendly manner
    • The rug will first be vacuumed.  This ensures removal of as much dry soil as possible prior to introducing water.  If required then the rug will be turned upside down and “beaten” to try and move dry particles further up the pile to assist vacuuming.
    • A pre-spray of the chosen product will be sprayed on the rug.  Any areas which require treatment with specialist stain removal products will be dealt with at this stage as well.
    • After a suitable dwell time the product will be agitated using a contra-rotating brush machine or hand brush depending on the fibres.  The benefits of this are again to open up the pile which allows deeper, fuller penetration of the products into the fibres.
    • Again after a suitable dwell time the soil and product will be removed by a process known as hot water extraction.  A petrol driven machine which is van mounted pumps heated water with a neutralising acidic rinse at high pressure into the carpet and is immediately followed by a powerful vacuum.  This removes the soil, the cleaning product and the water rinse at the same time.  The benefit of using a van mounted machine over a portable (plug in) is tremendous; mainly that the extra heat cleans to a higher level and that the powerful vacuum leaves carpet drier and residue free meaning that it will not get soiled again as quickly.